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Fed up of your conservatory being too hot in the summer?

While your conservatory can represent a great place to relax in during the summer, it can end up becoming too hot; a glass conservatory can magnify the effect of the sun, making it uncomfortable to spend more than a short time in one. To this end, it’s important to consider investing in high quality conservatory […]

kitchen lighting

How to design the lighting within your kitchen

Lighting up the kitchen is an art rather than a science. Whilst the designs of kitchens from house to house may differ radically, the lighting already installed within the room is likely to be identical to your neighbors. Customizing the lighting to suit your needs is vital to get the best effect. 1. Lighting to […]


Not green by colour, but green by nature

A green roof is distinguished by its eco-friendly features, rather than necessarily being green in colour – although they usually end up that way. Green roofing effectively involves laying a waterproof membrane over a roof, which is then combined with a layer of soil that provides a base for vegetation. Depending on the size and […]